Der Software-Support von San Jose kann hier gefunden und frei auf den folgenden Seiten heruntergeladen werden ob es eine + 5VDC oder + 3VDC Versorgung am Mittelstift für Ihre externe Aktivantenne: 
GPS Utilityprogramm:

Der GPS Utilityprogramm für GPS-Empfänger Produkte von San Jose Technology Inc., wurde vor allem für die Nutzer zu Eingabeparametern bei der Auswahl / Abwahl NMEA mit Zeitintervallen ausgegeben gestaltet. 

Model Utility
FV-35,GM-44,GM-48S,GR-201,GR-202 GPS Locator Utility V2.92 

Utility Program for GPS Tracker CT24/CT58/GX101/GC101/MT101:
USB Driver
This USB driver is applicable to all USB locators made by San Jose Technology, Inc., including GM-158, TK-158, GM-44-SGM-48-SGM-88, ML-7, ML-7S, TK-1722U, Tracking device andVP-88


USBdriver_Mac OS 8.6-9.X
USBdriver_Win CE
USBdriver_ Windows 95-98-2000-XP (CT-24,CT-58,GC-101)
USBdriver_ Vista (CT-24,CT-58,GC-101,GX-101)

This USB driver is applicable to all USB locators made by San Jose Technology, Inc., including GM-44-UBand GM-48-UB.


Tardis 2000 V1.3
(GPS use of calibrating precise time for PC/Network)
Tardis is a shareware utility for Windows that makes sure your PC clock tells the right time. It can find out what the right time is in various ways including accessing internet-based Atomic Clocks, using networked timeservers, GPS (The Global Positioning System), and by listening for time broadcasts over an LAN.

VisualGPS (NMEA viewer & data logger/playback)
VisualGPS is a general purpose utility for monitoring the output from a GPS receiver. VisualGPS uses the serial protocol from the National Marine Electronics Association (NMEA) version 2.20. VisualGPS is setup as purely a listener and will show information interpreting the following sentences:
  • GPGGA - Global Positioning System Fix Data
  • GPGSA - GNSS DOP and Active Satellites
  • GPGSV - GNSS Satellites in View
SA Watch (GPS receiver analyzer)
SA Watch allows you to monitor and analyze the wandering that your GPS receiver appears to do when it is at a fixed location. Originally, this wandering was largely the result of SA - Selective Availability - DOD - speak for the deliberate degradation of the accuracy of your GPS signal. When SA was eliminated as a source of position error, we got our first good look at the remaining errors. SA Watch lets you see these graphically and statistically.
(Moving Map Software) 
GPSS Software from Sunninghill in UK for In-car navigation & Remote Tracking with USA & World maps. 
GPS software is available at Sunninghill Systems: This includes free mapping for 155 countries: down to street level for all USA.

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