SANAV has the 3D Chamber in-house which is compliant with the CTIA Standards. We help clients develops and manufactures embedded custom antenna with excellent fine tuning service based upon their requirements, also do the antenna assemblies for wireless applications. SANAV can support a wide range of commutation technologies including GSM, 3G, UMTS, 4G(LTE), WiFi, Buletooth, Zigbee, Z-wave, GPS and others. We design antenna for:
Portable devices: Mobile Phone, Notebook, Tablet, Industial PDA
Logistics devices : POS System, Mobile POS device, RFID Reader
Security and medical monitoring system

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Laser Direct Structuring (LDS) Technology

▲GPS/GSM Tracker Module
LDS Antenna patterns are written directly on polymer components, housings and enclosures. This process eliminates the needs for classical flex circuit patterns that may not conform to three-dimensional, non-planar shapes and gives designers the flexibility to design and integrate antennas into the enclosures of products.

  • Components layout on the PCB
  • Determine which type of antenna to use
  • The space for the antenna
  • Discuss the RF signals or module nearby by the antenna
  • Freeze the specs of antenna

  • Discuss the price that is acceptable by both firms based on the antenna specifications discussed.

  • Submit the antenna samples for the feasibility tests
  • Passive test for the device after mockup antenna samples is ready(non-working device is fine at this stage)
  • Discuss the possibility to improve or fine tune the antenna efficiency based on the submitted antenna samples.
  • Functionality tests.
  • Antenna fine tuned for the mass production if necessary

  • Project released.

GSP Tracking System/ Marine Use Products